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I was looking through some of our old posts from last year on a different blog and with everyone doing predictions I’m going to stick my neck out and say Google will announce a large Browser development in 07.

Here’s the article from June 06.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently let it be known that Google are not working on their on web browser given the choice that is already out in the market.

I think there is an engineering point that comes out in favour of Google not developing their own browser but I think if I were a commercial guy at Google I’d put the development of a browser as almost number one on my list.

From an engineering perspective the argument against development maybe that the browser is merely a neutral delivery mechanism, all the special ‘sauce’ is implemented on the server side. Google should continue to focus resource on the server side and applications rather than divert valuable engineering resource into a browser.

The commercial argument goes that Google is setting itself up to be the dominant consumer and application provider of the 21st Century, with all applications delivered through a browser. Yet If Google don’t control the delivery mechanism they will not be the dominant player they wish to be.

The computer industry has been dominated by Game Theory’s Network Externalities – the more people who have the product the more popular it becomes.

Microsoft understood this perfectly when they captured the OS market and because of their dominance in the OS all other application providers had to follow. Without the OS/application lockin Windows would not be the monopoly it is today.

Google have to provide an application/browser/OS lockin to gain dominance. They can’t afford to have their applications reliant on a third party delivery mechanism. Would Microsoft Office be as dominant if Windows was not the operating system?

If Google provide all consumer and business applications through a Google Web browser why pay $80 for a Microsoft OS or upto $1000 for a Microsoft Office suite?

If Google get to that position then Dell will have to start paying Google money not the other way round and Google will have cemented their position as the business of the 21st Century.


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